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The GETC Supermarket System has been developed as a stand- alone system-designed to serve the market between the GETC Big Box and GETC Gondola Systems.

The Supermarket System uses the same L-leg and T-leg configuration of the Gondola System but has the added advantage of a removable "Outrigger Front Post". Primarily, the Outrigger Front Post allows overhead box storage, while providing the benefit of optional beam shelving. Where the standard Gondola System can only provide the use of cantilevered shelves, the Supermarket System provides retailers with the ability to merchandize in a wider range of formats.


The Supermarket System delivers a unique storage, display and merchandizing solution. In this system, very heavy products are able to command valuable merchandizing space, with beamed shelves also delivering a practical, efficient storage solution.

This Supermarket System has proven to be extremely good value, comfortably suiting a variety of users within the supermarket industry.

Put simply, the GETC Supermarket system is a high quality, mid-tier retail display and storage solution, offered at a globally competitive price.

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