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The GETC Big Box Racking system is a high-level storage and display and merchandizing system that allows for product merchandizing, box stock and palletized storage all within a
single bay.

The Big Box system provides maximum functionality, flexibility and is easy for both customers and staff to use. Store planners and development teams will enjoy the wide range of practical, industry focused store-format options available.

Stores have differing storage, display and merchandizing requirements-all of which are met by the highly versatile design of the Big Box system.


The system allows users to present merchandize with beamed and cantilevered shelves, as well as offering pegboards, signage and palletized stock, all within a single bay.

With over 400 different merchandizing components, store-sales will benefit from the best possible solution to merchandizing, product presentation and signage.

In addition to the Big Box system, GETC supports their Big Box clients with customized accessories and fixtures.

  • Perforated metal pegboard panels

  • Ticket strips

  • Beam shelving

  • Cantilever shelving

  • Fixed and adjustable angle brackets

  • Various basket and divider sizes

  • Various shelf designs and sizes

  • Heavy duty merchandising bars

  • Condensed-end displays

  • Signage panel
  • Completely compatible with the Gondola Racking system

  • Easy to adjust

  • Tool-less store set-up. No nuts, bolts or screws required in assembly

  • 100% fully modular construction, giving users the freedom to expand and reconfigure store and product layout

  • A complete range of finishes, including powder coat, chrome, galvanizing and zinc plating.