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GETC produces customized joinery designs to suit the different merchandizing and display needs of any retail business.

Retail joinery is most commonly applied to store-design elements such as cash registers and apparel fixtures. It is also widely used in shoe retailing and at cosmetics counters in major department stores.

The design and application of joinery items is unique in that it delivers merchandizing and display solutions in all forms and shapes. Common applications include tables, shelves, racks, cupboards, cabinets, bookcases, check-outs and more.


Aside from working directly with architects and design firms, GETC is able to assist with design and selection of appropriate joinery items. All displays are first generated in 3D computer aided drawings (CAD), which are then rendered and presented to the client prior to prototypes being developed. This provides retail clients with the opportunity to review life-like images and assembly mechanics that can be changed until a final design is agreed.

GETC can also work from client generated designs, where no input in the design phase is required.


Customized Point-Of-Sale displays (POS) are mainly used to promote particular brands or products within a large retail environment.

These displays are often designed for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies, which require a point of difference to promote their products in a retail outlet.

POS displays are commonly made from timber joinery, steel and acrylic, but can be produced from a variety of materials.

Printed surfaces and graphics on POS displays are often used as part of overarching visual communication strategies, and play an important role in brand recognition plans.

GETC will work with the client and their associated branding companies, such as store planners, advertizing agencies and graphic designers, to ensure all corporate identity issues are considered when designing and developing a POS display.

  • A match to an existing furniture, fitting or store design

  • Total flexibility in the design and development process

  • Styling and design that adds to a store's visual presentation

  • A range of wood, melamine, paint and other finishes available

  • Customized displays

  • Effective point of sale display offers increased product visibility

  • A brand enhancing display

  • Full design and prototyping service is available through GETC.

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