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GETC's universally employed Pallet Racking System provides all-important storage for palletized stock in a number of alternate configurations. The Pallet Racking system comes in an array of different configurations, such as Selective, Drive-In, Carton Live Storage, Raised Storage Areas, Narrow Aisle and High Bay, Push Back, Double Deep, Pallet Flow Through and Mobile Racking. These systems are designed to maximize warehouse and distribution space and, in turn, increase work efficiency and safety.

The choice of which type of racking best suits a user's requirements comes down to determining whether the business needs Selective or Non-Selective Racking.


Selective Racking Systems provide immediate, ready access to virtually all pallets. These systems restrict access to individual pallets, but are more space efficient than Selective Systems. Often the correct solution involves using a combination of Selective and Non-Selective Racking types to provide the optimum combination of access with space efficiency.

When it comes to rack protection and improving workplace safety, GETC supplies a number of specially designed accessories such as an upright protector, row/ fork spacers, beam connectors, wire mesh panels, safety locking pins, foot plates, shims, beam pins, floor anchor bolts, wall ties, splicing kits, particle board supports, fork clearance bars, wire cages and more.

The various configurations that are available when using Pallet Racking ensure that each business receives the best possible storage and distribution solution tailored to meet the specific requirements of each premises.

  • Various heights and beam lengths

  • Superior range of weight-bearing capacity

  • A number of widely used configurations tailored to each premises

  • Accessories to improve workplace safety and protect racks

  • Independently certified to international standards.