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The GETC Pigeon-Hole Mezzanine System is a fully modular stand-alone system - designed to deliver maximized warehousing and access areas. The unique multi-tier construction allows a multitude of configurations - including Single-level mezzanine and double-level mezzanine.

The mezzanine configuration allows you to utilize previously unusable open airspace by creating either 1 or 2 secondary floor-spaces - with modular storage created within the main structure. These different mezzanine levels can be accessed via stairs and ladder configurations.


Commonly, the Mezzanine system can be constructed in Pigeon- Hole arrangement (providing for long-length storage of product) - or, in a shelved arrangement, providing for a series of continuous shelving sections.

The GETC Mezzanine Pigeon-Hole System incorporates a unique steel flooring system. This steel checquer-plate flooring system provides an added element of strength, reliability and durability - and is easily included into the assembly process without the need for welding or specialized tooling.

Almost all mezzanine & pigeon-hole requirements are different - and the specialized GETC system has been designed to meet every requirement - in both size and configuration.

  • Endless configuration options

  • Used globally by the worlds' leading brands

  • Fully adjustable

  • Easy installation